Construction Plan Tables

All aluminum welded construction, innovative design, fold up for easy storage or transportation, 3" wheels for easy moving while in use, light weight, adjustable from folded up while not in use to folded out  to 8 degrees for optimal plan viewing, to folded out flat for assembly all with the pull of 2 latches. With optional electrical power center.


Table specifications

  • 3" wheels (2 swivel, 2 swivel and lock)
  • Weight 47 lbs (+3 with options)
  • See dimensions link for measurements.

Power center specifications

  • 4 x 110v  15amp GFI protected outlets.
  • 2 x 3.6 amp USB ports.
  • heavy aluminum housing. 

Pencil tray 4 x 16


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Unfortunately, errors do occur during the course of construction projects. Most of these errors are due to lack of coordination, false assumptions or plans that have not been currently updated. Having your plans readily available allows you to reference plans with your specific notes, addenda and directives. The Planstand also provides a standing height platform that makes it convenient to coordinate with other trades without having to leave the work area.

Leaving the work area to find the nearest set of plans will result in a loss of time. The amount of lost time depends upon the amount and duration of distractions along the way.  Even the most diligent employees will most likely be delayed by questions or conversations initiated by other on site personnel.  Let’s face it, saving even a few minutes a day at today’s labor rates is worth considering.

Providing your jobsite personnel with the tools and resources necessary to allow them to produce at the highest levels is both mutually beneficial and one of the easiest ways to maintain high levels of morale within your organization. A Planstand will help keep your personnel organized and productive allowing them to take pride in their work.

Nothing makes your company look more professional than being organized. The planstand provides a standing height portable platform to keep your construction documents organized and readily available. Your superintendant will use and appreciate this tool but never more so than the day a four man team of design professionals show up in three piece suits. How much nicer is it for your superintendant to be able to roll the contract documents throughout the building and provide a working platform with power and usb ports for the design team as opposed to hunched over a card table in the wrong room or setting their laptop on a dirty window sill?